I attended a meeting at the San Diego Foundation that brought together the five Creative Catalyst Fellows for 2016. It was great to meet this diverse, interesting, adorable cadre of artists.

The Foundation’s Jill Hall (sidebar: her first novel “The Black Velvet Coat” has become a bestseller) gathered this group together for this first meeting, and her passion for arts and education and for artists in general was evident, as she helped us to launch this amazing journey.

My fellow Fellows are: award-winning scenic and costume designer David Reynoso (sponsored by The Old Globe Theatre), Artist and teacher Michelle Montjoy (sponsored by Oceanside Museum of Art), multi-talented performer/director/playwright/teacher Tim West (sponsored by San Diego Writers, Ink), and award winning playwright Janet Tiger (sponsored by Playwrights Project). Hearing about their projects was inspiring, and I look forward to watching them all develop. I hope to post some links to their project postings on The Artificial Woman facebook page in the near future.